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November 2011 Issue

Multiplying Signs
Nov 1st, 2011
Art Sadlier

For some years now I have spent much time each day examining the news that relates to end time events. In the last month or so the number of such items has grown exponentially. I am overwhelmed by the rush of indications that the Day of the Lord is at hand.

In this article I will try to touch on some recent such items.

In the spiritual world the signs are multiplying.

As the world’s moral free fall continues we discover that pedophiles are pushing for the same acceptance that homosexuals have obtained. They are being supported by some people in high places.

Some are arguing that legalization of homosexual marriage is the gateway to legalising polygamous marriage.

In a move to impose homosexuality around the globe, David Cameron has threatened to withhold UK aid from governments which do not reform legislation banning homosexuality. The world is obsessed with this drive to impose homosexuality; it is an attack on God’s Word.

First Lady Michelle Obama said recently that the government can affect who kids “will be forever” if it can shape their "habits and preferences" during the large part of the day they are at school. That is the pathway of socialism, the breakup of all parental influence and the death knell of Christianity. It seems that Americans closed their eyes one night and woke up the next day on the verge of a godless socialist state.

A Judge says prayers to Christ “Do violence to America’s pluralistic, inclusive society and that prayers in Jesus name are unconstitutional. Judge James Harvie Wilkinson III in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled legislative invocations offered in Jesus' name are inherently "sectarian" and thus should be censored lest they make some attendees feel "uncomfortable, unwelcome and unwilling to participate in … public affairs." 

A California law recently went into effect that bans minors, defined as anyone under the age of 18, from using a tanning bed. The prohibition is absolute and there is no provision for parental permission. Lawmakers say the tan ban is necessary in order to protect the health and well-being of young people.

By way of contrast California allows a girl under the age of 18 to obtain an abortion without her parents' permission -- and without even notifying them. Additionally, the facility that provides the abortion is forbidden by law from informing the parents about the abortion.

California claims to be interested in the health of teenagers and yet promotes abortion which is fraught with dangerous consequences, both psychological and physical, and is fatal to the baby. Everywhere we look we see the consequences of darkened minds.

The push toward a world church and a world government continues. The Vatican called Monday for radical reform of the world's financial systems, including the creation of a global political authority to manage the economy. This is a call for world government, a call for a world-wide socialist system. We can clearly see the woman preparing to ride the beast.

The pope is also sowing the seeds for a world Church. Pope Benedict XVI has invited 300 religious leaders to a meeting in Assisi in Italy to repudiate “violence in the name of God” amid growing tensions fuelled by fundamentalists across the world. They will be joined by Rabbis, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, a Zoroastrian, a Baha’i and representatives of Taoism and Confucianism as well as of other traditional religions from Africa and America.

In the physical world the signs are also multiplying.

On November 8 a huge asteroid will pass by the earth inside the orbit of the moon. This space rock is asteroid 2005 YU55, a veritable mini-world roughly 1,300 feet (400 meters) wide — nearly four football fields across. This gives new meaning to the term “signs in the sky.”

Floods in Thailand and wider Southeast Asia have destroyed have destroyed millions of tons of rice and flooded rice paddies, creating a potential global shortfall.

Another news item stated that, “Countless times over the last several months unusual storms have been occurring across the World and the United States. While no single storm can be blamed on climate change or global warming, it is apparent that the overall climate on Earth is changing quite drastically.” Some scientists are telling us the earth is entering a period of the cooling off. It is not global warming but God’s warning. The news item continued, “Stronger than average earthquakes are occurring literally every day and scores of volcanoes are stewing, waiting to blow their top.”

In the US, Muslims say crosses at a Catholic University Violate “Human Rights.” Meanwhile in Muslim countries Christianity is banned and Christians are being slaughtered.

WND reports that American court cases are being decided by edicts from Muhammad. Islamic law, or Sharia, is already being applied in the U.S. court system, according to an extensive new report.

In Europe and in Britain there are sections of cities that are designated no go zones for non-Muslims. These areas are under sharia law and are virtual Islamic states.

Every day, in dozens of ways, we are seeing the stage being set for the coming tribulation period. The trickle of end time signs has become a tidal wave and yet the eyes of many are blinded to it all.                      

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Pseudo Discipleship
Nov 1st, 2011
Art Sadlier

Many years ago an old pastor said to me, "Not many men finish well."  Forty years later those words are still ringing in my ears. I made a commitment that day, I said, "Lord, by thy grace, I will finish well." I have not arrived yet, but I am pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

We have seen a multitude of professing believers turn back over the years. Some ran well for awhile and others ran well for a long time, but they went back. Our great burden these days is for professing evangelicals who are not in the kingdom.

Jesus said, "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it" (Matthew 7:14). Will you join us on that narrow road?

Both Matthew and John tell us very clearly that in the last days church there will be multitudes on the broad road who profess salvation but only a very few that are actually saved. John tells us that multitudes of Laodicean/Evangelicals will be spewed out of the mouth of Christ. Matthew tells us that Jesus will say to a multitude of Laodicean/Evangelicals, "Depart from me I never knew you." How tragic to go through life as an evangelical, professing faith in Christ only to discover at the last, that your profession was not genuine.

Jesus laboured much to describe genuine salvation as opposed to pseudo salvation. He summed up His efforts in Luke 14:26-27, "And there went great multitudes with him: and he turned, and said unto them,  If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.  And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple." Christ must be first in the life of a true believer, this is not an option. A commitment to put Christ first in the life is a mark of genuine saving faith. A failure to put Christ first in the life is evidence of a faith that is not genuine saving faith.

In verse 33 Jesus caps off what it means to be a believer, "So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple." These are the words of Jesus; we ignore them at our peril.

It says of the disciples in Luke 5:11, "And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him." You can't follow Christ with one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom, millions of evangelicals are trying to do just that today. "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him" (1 John 2:15). “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God” (James 4:4).

The believer is one who is called out of the world, he does not love the world and the world does love him. The truth is that the world hates him and he hates this world system. John 15:19, “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

I repeat; the true believer is one who is called out of the world, “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty” (2Cor. 6:17-18). Separation from the world is a mark of true discipleship, the mark of genuine salvation, it is not an option.

Paul said, "Make your calling and election sure." While the Lord gives us breathe, that will be our cry to evangelicals.

The cross must come first, then the crown, the robe, the harp and the heavenly home.

Paul said, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:  Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing" (2 Timothy 4:7-8).

I am not talking about sinless perfection. Every believer still has an ever present sin-nature, though provision has been made for us to live in victory over that sin-nature, a believer may and does stumble at times. David said, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand” (Psalm 37:23-24).

John tells us that believers do sin, “If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us” (1 John 1:10). John addresses that word to professing believers. John also tells us that the Lord has made provision for the sin of believers, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).

The mark of true discipleship is not found in sinless perfection, but it is found in a deep, total commitment to Christ.

I am not setting myself up as a judge of who is saved. It is often self evident as to who is saved and who is not saved, “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matthew 7:20). However in a wider sense, though we are to discern who is judged fit to be included in the list of members in the local church, yet we are not the final judge of who is saved and who is not saved. Matthew 13:27-30, “So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares? He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.”

This is such a crucial issue; I exhort you to do what Paul called for:

2 Corinthians 13: 5 -  “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates (counterfeit)?     

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The Coming Revived Roman Empire
Nov 1st, 2011
Art Sadlier

There are three strands in the human family. In the first 2000 years of human history there were only Gentiles. 2000 years later the Jews came into being (Genesis 12). 2000 years ago at Pentecost, the church was born.

God promised to bless Israel if they would obey and trust Him. He said He would make them the head of the nations. All down through Old Testament times Israel rebelled against God and refused to obey and trust Him.

God warned Israel that if they rebelled He would scatter them among all the nations of the world. He warned that He would chasten them and set them aside for a period of time. That time would be called the “Times of the Gentiles.” Luke 21:24, “And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.”

During these times Israel would be set aside and the Gentiles nations would be ruling the world. They would have supremacy over the Jews.

Over 2600 years ago God gave Nebuchadnezzar a significant prophetic vision of the Gentile nations that would rule the world. The key verse is Daniel 2:28, “But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days...”

God is a God of prophecy. This prophecy is not only a prophecy about the Gentile rule over the world during long ages, but it is also a prophecy about what will happen in the latter days, our own day.

The Lord also made a promise that one day Israel would be restored to supremacy in the world. Today the Gentile world powers are still suppressing Israel.

In Daniel 2 and in Daniel 7 we have two visions that prophesy the same message. We have an image of a man in the one, and four wild beasts in the other. These prophecies were about four great Gentile world empires that would come, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. God was prewriting history.

However the prophecy involved another world kingdom that has not yet arrived on the scene. This kingdom is described as ten toes coming out of the Roman Empire, and as ten horns springing up out of the head of the Roman beast. It is presented as a revival of the Roman Empire in the latter days. That empire is yet to come.

These empires span a time period from 586BC to the battle of Armageddon and the second coming of Christ. This time period is not to be confused with the “fullness of the Gentiles,” which refers to the completion of the church.

In the late 1960’s two significant things happened.

1 – The nation of Israel was reborn. That was just the first step in God’s restoration of Israel. It will not be completed until Christ returns to reign over Israel and the world.

2 – The European Community (later the EU) was established. This was also just a first step in establishing the Revived Roman Empire. This fifth kingdom is yet to come. It is described in Daniel 7:7, “After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.”

The first part of that verse describes the Roman Empire from 63 BC to 476 AD.

The last part of the verse, “and it had ten horns” describes the R.R.E. yet to come.

Notice the fate of the Old Roman Empire in Daniel 2:40, "And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subduth all things: and as 

iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise.

As iron breaketh in pieces,” that is what Rome did when it came to power in the first century BC. It crushed all around it. Then notice in the verse it says, “shall it break in pieces and bruise.” The Roman Empire would break up in 486 BC. However fragments of Rome would continue for a long period of time, as symbolized by the long legs of the image. It continued in the form of the British Empire, German Empire, French Empire, Spanish Empire, Portuguese Empire and the Dutch Empire. These colonial systems were all sub-Roman Empires.

This bruising took place after WW11 when the Roman colonial system was forced to give up colonies all around the world.

Immediately after that the EU was born in 1958 with the signing of the treaty of Rome. The EU was the embryonic form of the yet to come R.R.E.

The stage was set for God to begin dealing with Israel again. That process has been going on for the last 60 years. Someday, perhaps soon, Antichrist will come on the scene, he will establish the R.R.E. and he will make a short lived peace for Israel and pretend to be her benefactor for 3 ½ years.

Daniel 7:7 tells us about the R.R.E., “It had ten horns.” The ten horns coming out of the head of the Roman beast represents the R.R.E.

Daniel 7:24, “And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise.” This teaches us that someday ten leaders will arise on the area of the old Roman Empire. The language of verses 8, 20, 24 indicates that these ten rulers are ruling simultaneously. That has never happened in history and must still come to pass, ten rulers, ruling on the territory of the old Roman Empire.

Notice the rise of Antichrist in verse 24, “Another shall arise.” This one who arises will subdue three kings or rulers, And he shall subdue three kings.” This is the first half of the tribulation period, the Revived Roman Empire. At the midpoint of the tribulation this kingdom gives way to the kingdom of the beast, the Antichrist. We read about this kingdom in Revelation 13: 16-17, “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Revelation 17:12 represents the beginning of the R.R.E. while verse 13 represents the beginning of the kingdom of antichrist. “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour (a short time for a kingdom) with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast” (Revelation 17:12-13).

When will the RRE with ten rulers come on the scene?

After the rapture, after the beginning of the tribulation period, after the appearance of Antichrist the ten rulers will appear. We won’t see them; it is vain to look for them.

That which is happening in Europe now is but preparation. The whole situation will not come together until the tribulation starts.

The R.R.E. will flash brightly and briefly on the scene for 3 ½ years and then morph into the world-wide kingdom of Antichrist.

In 1958 there were 6 nations in the EU, then 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and now 27. There are now 17 in the Euro-zone using the Euro as their currency.

For sixty years many have been watching for the ten to surface, we won’t see them, although we may see a foreshadowing.

What is the character and nature of the coming RRE?

It is reflected in what we see in Europe today. One of the basic aspects of the EU is disunity. For sixty years they have agreed on very little, to the place where it is a point of humour. Today the whole EU is in danger of collapse because they cannot agree on how to handle the debt problem.

We see that in the scriptures, Daniel 2:41, “And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.” We see a divided kingdom with elements that do not mix. We see iron and pottery which will hold together.

Verse 42, “And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.” Partly strong and partly broken speaks of disunity and division.

Verse 43, “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” Again the message is division and disunity. That has been the most outstanding characteristic of the EU for sixty years.

That is still the situation today. In a recent news item concerning economic crisis we read, “Europe’s debt crisis has taken a deeply political turn as parliamentary battles rock Italy and Greece and once again cause simmering dissent in Germany, vastly complicating the search for a workable solution...The warning came as French President Nicolas Sarkozy told a breakfast meeting that Europe has never been so close to explosion.” Even with the EU’s survival at stake they cannot agree on a solution.

This disunity and struggle in Europe has reached a new level of chaos and will continue until Antichrist comes on the scene and brings a forced unity. The situation in Europe now cries out for a superman, a super leader, to come along and take charge and weld the EU into a powerful, unified force.

In Daniel 7:19-20 Daniel is saying in effect, I want to know three things.

First in verse 19, Daniel says, “I would know the truth about the fourth beast.” Tell me about the Roman Empire that is to come (yet to come in Daniel’s day).

Second in verse 20, he says tell me, “Of the 10 horns that were in his head.” Tell me of about the Revived Roman Empire of the last days.

Third also in verse 20 he says, “And of the other which came up, and before whom three fell.” Daniel says tell me of the coming Antichrist that will take over and establish the RRE. He continues, “Even of the horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake great things.” That is Antichrist.

Notice the phrase in verse 20, “Before whom three fell.” Verse 24 has a phrase that clarifies that statement, “And he shall subdue three kings.” In the midst of turmoil and strife and confusion, Antichrist will come upon the scene and by force take over three kings or nations. We do not know who those three nations are. But today if someone were to take control of Germany, France and Britain they would control all of Europe. Today these three are at cross purposes and are preventing the EU from developing.

Notice the character of Antichrist as seen in verse 20, “Even the horn that had eyes and a mouth that spake great things.” This is a very powerful and unusual person, “Whose look was more stout than his fellows.” This is a man that is empowered by Satan; he will be bold and have great powers at his disposal. He is Satan’s false Christ.

There are some things in the prophetic scriptures that are clearly revealed. There are some things that are foreshadowed in scripture and become clearer as prophetic events unfold.

First let me detail two end time institutions that are clearly revealed and play a major role in the tribulation period.

  1. A world church working in cooperation with Antichrist. That will come into being at the beginning of the tribulation period.
  2.  A world government. It will be controlled by Antichrist and will come into place at the mid tribulation point.

Preparations, infrastructure and organization for these two institutions are well underway today. There are some things looming on the horizon that are preparations for these two things.

  1.  A coming world-wide economic and monetary collapse. Only those who do not want to see this are blind to it. The warning signs are everywhere. Many believe that this crash has been carefully engineered. This coming crisis will bring men and nations to their knees. There is no pain like the pain in the pocket book. The world will acclaim the man who will appear to rescue it and Europe will acclaim the man who will appear to rescue her.

 A coming cataclysmic war. We believe this will be the war of Psalm 83. The whole world knows this war is coming. A recent news item just emphasizes what scores of other news items have been saying.

“War is on its way in the Middle East as Muslim countries are determined to force a showdown over the future of Israel,” Ronald Reagan’s assistant defence secretary Frank Gaffney warned in an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview.

“I’m afraid there’s a war coming, a very serious, perhaps cataclysmic regional war,” he said. “It will be presumably over, at least in part, the future existence of the state of Israel. It may involve all of its neighbours, as they have in the past, attacking Israel to try, as they say, to drive the Jews into the sea.” 

“It may involve the use of nuclear weapons,” Gaffney predicted. “But whatever form it takes and whenever it occurs, it is unlikely to be contained to that region.”

I believe that it will be the most devastating war the world has ever seen to that time. You can read about it in Psalm 83, Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 35-36.

Perhaps nuclear exchanges will take place, chemical and biological weapons may be used. Most devastating of all God will mightily devastate Israel`s enemies. The world will be in a state of fear and shock and despair.

Antichrist will come on the scene in Europe and the world. We read about it in revelation 6:2, “And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” He will be the man of the hour. He will offer solutions that the world will accept and acclaim him for.

After the war of Psalm 83, the Palestinians, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria will be totally decimated. The wider Islamic world will be ready for the Peace Treaty of Antichrist, who they will believe to be the Mahdi, the Islamic saviour.

Daniel 8:25a, “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many...”

Daniel 9:27a, “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week...” The long sought world peace will seem to have come, only to give way to more devastating wars.

Paul describes the situation in 1 Thessalonians 5:3, “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

The hour is late!                  

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The Night Cometh
Nov 1st, 2011
Art Sadlier

All around us the darkness is descending. Paul tells us of a coming day when all restraints against sin and evil will be removed from the world. In that seven year period the wraps will be taken off of evil. Evil will flood over the entire world, it will corrupt and defile and contaminate in a way never imagined or contemplated in the minds of men.

Since the fall of man darkness has descended on the earth, but always in that darkness there has been the light of truth penetrating the darkened hearts of men. Darkness is one thing, but absolute darkness is quite another altogether. This coming absolute darkness will descend on the minds and souls of men, who will harden their hearts against God.

For some time now we have observed men closing their hearts and minds to the truth. We have watched as those men have been giving evidence of the absolute darkness that is overcoming them.

Our culture has become a dark culture of hatred, death, and murder.

During the 20th century we are told that 150 million men and women have been murdered by their own governments. Hitler murdered 11 million people. America has murdered 53 million babies in their mother’s wombs. World-wide there have been 1 billion babies slaughtered in the womb in the last 50 years.  The latest debate is post-birth abortion. There are an estimated 150,000 Christians martyred each year.

The world has a growing appetite to kill. TV and Video games are overflowing with brutal ways to torture and kill. Radical Islam is obsessed with a drive to kill anything or anyone that stands in its way. They have glorified killing by promising those involved a place in a Muslim heaven.

All of this killing is but a foretaste of what is to come in the tribulation period. In Ezekiel 35:6 the Lord says to those in that coming time, if you want blood I will give you blood. “Therefore, as I live, saith the Lord GOD, I will prepare thee unto blood, and blood shall pursue thee: since thou hast not hated blood, even blood shall pursue thee.”

The occupy Wall street movement seems to be mindless and impotent. However, it is not hard to envision what will happen if the world’s economic and monetary system were to collapse. The streets of the world would be filled with out of control rage and violence and murder.

John tells us in the book of Revelation that in the first 5-6 years of the tribulation 2/3 of the earth’s population or 4 1/3 billion people will die violently. This will occur as a result of the wrath of man, the wrath of the devil, and the wrath of God. It will be an awful time of wrath.

In Revelation 6:17, we read about that day, “For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”

Some would say, “How can a God of love send a person to hell?” That is a question born of ignorance. God is a God of love and mercy toward all who will repent. But God is also a God wrath, who will have no mercy on those who will not repent and obey Him. You may say I don’t want anything to do with that kind of a God. You will have eternity in hell to regret that statement if you turn away from His love and mercy today. Now is the time to reconsider.                         

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Whose Land Is It
Nov 1st, 2011
Art Sadlier

God promised the land of Canaan to Israel. Later the Romans renamed it Palestine. 

Those who now claim to be Palestinians have no claim to the land of Israel. There never has been, in all of history, a Palestinian people, nation, government, language, culture or economy. This is an indisputable fact. As late as the 1950s the Arabs refused to be called Palestinians.

Those who claim to be Palestinians claim to be descendants from a Palestinian people who lived for thousands of years in a land called Palestine. That claim is a hoax! Yet the world accepts that lie as the basis of a false peace that they have attempted to force on Israel. 

The Purpose or effect of it all is to force Israel off the land God promised her. 

The Promise “Unto thy seed will I give this land” Genesis 12:7. The land in which the Canaanites once dwelt was given to Israel by God. 

The Promise Clarified notice in Genesis 13: 14 & 15 three words “all” the land, “thy seed” the Jews and “forever” including our own day. God made a covenant with Abraham in Genesis 17: 7 & 8. God cannot lie and God cannot break His covenant. 
It is Abraham’s seed identified Gen. 26:3 spoken to Isaac; Gen. 35:12 spoken to Jacob. 

-  The seed is not through Ishmael as Islam claims but through Isaac and Jacob. 

-  Loss of Possession of the land and judgment Deut 4:25-27.

-  Disobedience and sin would result in loss of possession of the promised-land.

-  The promise of ultimate restoration and blessing Jer. 30:11, 31:35-37, 32:37 

There is a struggle going on today over God’s promise to Israel. That struggle is between God and Satan involving the land, Israel and her enemies. That struggle was foretold 2,500 years ago in Ezekiel 36: 2, 5. 

Two re-gatherings of Israel were foretold

-        one in unbelief which is right now and almost complete

-        one in redemption at Christ’s second coming. 

Today the world is adamant that Israel cannot possess the land God covenanted to give her. The General Assembly of the UN, some time ago, voted 157 to 7 that Israel must give up the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem. The EU has stated the same position.

President George Bush stated when he was in office that Israel must give up much of her land to allow for a Palestinian State. President Obama has taken the same position.

The World is headed for a showdown with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

“For behold, in those days and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations and parted my land.” Joel 3: 1, 2                    

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