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“The Growing Evangelical Apostasy”
by Art Sadlier   
December 1st, 2007

Some 15 years ago a group of evangelical leaders entered into an agreement with catholic leaders, the agreement was called ECT, evangelicals and catholics together. The agreement basically called for evangelicals and catholics to co-operate in evangelism, neither group would seek to evangelize the other because, basically, they said, they held the same gospel. The signing of that document influenced many other evangelicals to accept catholics as brothers-in-Christ.

On December 7, 2007, Pope Benedict issued an encyclical in which he calls into question modern christianity. The document titled, "Saved by Hope", is allegedly a deeply theological exploration of christian hope that states: "In the sufferings and misery of daily life, christianity provides the faithful with a "Journey of Hope," to the Kingdom of God. The pope also criticised the focus of modern christianity, saying its focus on individual salvation had ignored Jesus' message that true christian hope involves salvation for all. (see Eph. 2:8,9).

This is a blatant and total denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is Rome's theology of the Dark Ages, Rome has never changed. She is the enemy of the Gospel and the souls of men.

Understand that what the pope says in his encyclicals supercedes scripture, so you can set your bible aside.The real concern is that evangelicals are on the road to apostasy in their acceptance of catholics as brothers in Christ.

A further demonstration of the growing evangelical apostasy is found in the fact that just recently a group of some 80 evangelical leaders, Christian Colleges and Seminary Presidents, denominational heads and other ministry leaders have taken a position opposing God's clear purpose for Israel, as clearly taught in His Word.They have taken a position previously described as humanist rather than biblical. They had urged U.S.President George W. Bush to rapidly divide the Land of Israel.

In a joint statement they have declared.... Dec. 7, 2007. "We resolve to work for a viable permanent, democratic Palestinian State...We believe that the way forward is for the Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate a fair, two state solution...We call on all evangelicals, all Christians and everyone of good will to join us to work and pray faithfully in the coming months for a just, lasting two-state solution in the Holy Land." The list of signatures (80) reads like a 'Whose Who in Evangelicalism.

Even more shocking is the News, that 200 Christian Leaders, many of whom are evangelicals are seeking common ground with Muslims.

Last month, 138 Muslim scholars signed a letter addressed to pope Benedict XVI, and other religious leaders, urging them to find common ground beween Islam and Christianity. The letter declared that Islam and Christianity both believe in only one God, and the commandment to love one's neighbor.

Some 200 Christian leaders have responded to the Muslim scholars with their own letter, which calls for interfaith dialogue that will "reshape" the two communities to "genuinely reflect our common love for God and one another." Signers of the response letter include Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelical, Jim Wallis of the liberal advocacy group Sojourners, and evangelical pastors Bill Hybels and Rick Warren.

Brigette Gabriel, founder of the American Congress for truth says, the Christian community would be wiser to call Muslim imams on the carpet by urging them to tell their fellow Muslims to "stop committing acts of barbarism in the name of their religion." She is also disturbed that Hybels and Warren are suggesting that God and Allah are one.

The whole User Friendly, Purpose Driven Philosophy is Apostasy, and it leads to further Apostasy, as in the case of Hybels and Warren.

It seems that the great apostay of the Last Days has descended upon us. Who would have thought that Evangelicals would have to separate from Evangelicals. When you ask the question, "What is it that Evangelicals will not compromise on, the answer seems to be NOTHING!

The Evangelical Church for the last 50 years has been compromising one inch at a time, until today, it is a mile away from what Christ has called it to be. Everyone decries the mile, but few will contest the inch.

Apostasy must be isolated - you fail to do so at your own risk!

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