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“Obama's Speech on Religion”
by Art Sadlier   
March 1st, 2009

This video (may be viewed on our website) is remarkable because in it the President announces the departure of America from the Judeo Christian Ethic which has been the foundation stone of America from its inception. He states boldly that America is no longer a Christian nation.  He declares America now to be a Muslim nation, a Hindu nation a Jewish nation and an atheistic nation, these statements are not true and are intended to be the reason why Christianity must be put aside. All religions must now yield to Secular Humanism. He seeks to discredit Evangelicals and Fundamentalists in particular and makes it plain that he is officially launching America as a Secular Humanistic society.  The real troubling thing is that hardly a peep is raised to protest this tremendous transition. 

The message is clearly given, that if American Christians do not fall in line with his Secular Humanist agenda they will suffer the consequences of the law, even to the removal of their children or whatever. The theme is that we ought to obey the government rather than God or His Word.

One man is dictating to a nation that it must change its' God and he is choosing the new god. This is the stuff dictators are made of.

Prior to the election, Mr. Obama said that he would bring in change, he is now in the process of bringing in such changes that will turn America around 180 degrees, the new America will be unrecognizable.  Obama and his administration have mapped out some of the changes he is now making or intends to make.

This administration will no longer take America's Christian Heritage into consideration, in law making and policy making. The standards and morality of Christianity will no longer prevail.

The President seeks to harness the Church and change its' message and purpose. To this end it was announced, "Barack Obama will establish a new President's Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships within the White House. The Council will work to engage faith-based organizations and help them abide by the principles that federal funds cannot be used to proselytize..."  Obama hired Pastor Joshua DuBois to head up his Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Considering their diverse backgrounds, the two seem surprisingly compatible. Notice how Pastor DuBois echoes the words of President Obama:

"Our democracy demands that when people are religiously motivated you have to translate your concerns into universal rather than religion-specific values."

The Church is to change its message and purpose, a change from God's Word and God's will and God's purpose to Obama's espoused secular humanist goals.

Other changes have been very quickly announced and committed to, first we heard that a move would be made to strengthen the right of abortion.  Then we heard that the new administration would seek to repeal the Defence of Marriage Act. The next move would be the intention of the government to legalize same sex marriage. Following that was the intention to bring in the Fairness Doctrine, this would effectively remove the preaching of the gospel from Christian radio, and would also affect talk radio that tends to give conservative views which would be virtually eliminated.

Like a drumbeat it continues, now the stimulus package states that where any of this money is accepted, religious activities will be prohibited. That would mean Christians would not be allowed to use schools, colleges or public buildings for activities such as bible studies or meetings of any religious type. Senator Jim DeMint said, "This provision is an assault against People of Faith!  It is Un-American and it is unconstitutional.  It is intolerant and it is intolerable". He said, " the wording is so vague, it's not clear if students can pray even in a dorm room where funds for renovations are from provisions of this Bill".

A UN treaty that would prevent parents from spanking or even home schooling their children. This treaty is favored by members of the Obama Government. Under this provision parents would not be allowed to decide their children's religion. The child could complain to government agencies, who could overrule the parents decisions on almost every issue.

The hour is late for America. At some point in time, without repentance and a turn around, the point of no return will be passed, if it has not already. Individual believers and Churches need to prepare to face the new reality, the type of alienation and persecution that the overwhelming majority of God's people have faced down over the long centuries.

America has for some time now been involved in pressuring Israel to give up her promised land. Many times in the last 10-15 years the warnings of God have come to America, storms, fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, each warning came after some new US effort to divide the land of Israel (That has been documented). The Obama administration has committed afresh and with new determination to establish a Palestinian State on Israel's land and to give East Jerusalem (Biblical Jerusalem) to the enemies of Israel.

Could it be that the times of warning are over for the US and that we are now seeing the judgment of God falling on America in the form of the financial meltdown. One way that God judges is through the hardening of the hearts of the rebellious. It is amazing that the leaders of America cannot see the jeopardy they are now in, with such an incredible debt load it is inconciveable that the dollar will not collapse and leave America as a third world country.

The need of America (and Canada) is to recognize and repent of sin and rebellion that has so deeply stained our nations and our peoples.

The great question is why is so much of the evangelical church so silent in such a crisis hour? I believe the answer lies in deeply ingrained New Evangelicalism, for fifty years New Evangelicals  have said, we will not contend for the faith, we will not contend for truth. We want to win the world, so we will not do anything that will offend the world, in fact we want to be so much like the world that the world will approve of us. As a result perhaps some good will happen, we will seek to win the world through easy-believism, a gospel that does not offend, but whatever happens we will not separate from the world. That spirit is now causing Evangelicals to keep quiet.  I believe the problem goes even further, I believe that blindness of heart has settled over much of the Church, which is Laodicean, and over much of America. I cannot explain what is happening in any other possible context.

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