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“Creation Vs. Evolution”
by Chris Woodward - OneNewsNow   
November 24th, 2015

The issue of creation vs. evolution has been around since the days of Charles Darwin, and the head of a ministry devoted to equipping Christians to have "answers for their faith" feels the question holds major implications.

"We have today in our society a major worldview conflict going on: pro-life or pro-choice; gay 'marriage' or traditional marriage; liberal versus conservative. They're really symptoms of what I...believe is a much deeper issue in our society, and it is over this question of origins," notes Ron Carlson, president of Christian Ministries International (CMI). "Whether you believe man is an animal or [that] man is a unique creation of God will determine your worldview, and everything else flows from that."

Carlson admits that he could never be an atheist because it requires too much faith.

"To believe in evolution is really a leap of faith that has no scientific validity or common sense behind it," he contends. "You have to have faith that everything came from nothing; you have to have faith that life came from non-life [and] that intelligence came from non-intelligence."

The CMI president thinks the best way students can make a stand for their faith in evolution-only schools is to ask for proof, because there is none.

"The basic law of biology is biogenesis -- that life only comes from life; it does not come from non-living matter," Carlson points out. "You have to ask the question, 'How do you get life from non-living matter, as the evolutionists claim?' They have tried in multi-million dollar laboratories to try and create life; they're not able to do it. And yet they want you to believe that random, impersonal chance, beginning with nothing, created the complexity of life."

He adds that Darwin even had difficulty explaining how the human eye allows people to see.

These comments were made recently on the Today's Issues program on American Family Radio.

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