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“Why are There so Many Races?”
by Roger Oakland   
June 20th, 2015

The doctrine of Darwinian evolution has shaped the minds of billions of people all over the world. When most people attempt to analyze the origin and history of life, their world view has already been formulated by the usual evolutionary dogma that is fed to them from the moment they can read or listen.

Such is the case when we discuss the subject of human origins. We have been told that the various features, which make up the human races, were formulated as a result of millions of years of mutations and natural selections caused by random chance events. As with all other facets of the evolutionary theory, every feature of every living thing must be explained by a natural process that is claimed to be observable by science. God and the supernatural are considered to belong in the realm of superstition and are unnecessary.

Although the evolutionist insists that evolution is a fact, everyone who believes in this view will admit there is still no mechanism to adequately explain how it happened. To say that the origin of complex human life is a product of mistakes, plus a matter of time, is an assumption that demands evidence if the idea is going to remain in the realm of scientific respectability.

With regard to the origin of the human races, the biblical explanation is much more rational than a factor of chance plus time. We are told there were only eight descendants of Adam and Eve who survived the great Noahic flood. These descendants multiplied through subsequent generations, and all the people spoke the same language at this time.

The Bible also records that rather than dispersing and repopulating the world as God had instructed them to do, they chose to join together in rebellion and build the city of Babylon with a ziggurat tower for the purpose of worshipping the heavens.

The Bible further indicates this was their demise. God, angered by their rebellion, confounded their language, which subsequently caused them to separate into groups. Unable to understand what the other groups were saying, those who understood each other formed smaller groups that were then willing to move out to other places as God had desired.

Genesis chapter ten gives us the account of the various descendants of Noah, which became the originators of the human races as we know them today. From the biblical creation perspective, the human gene pool that God had created from Adam and Eve's descendants provided all the genetic variability necessary to provide the blueprints for the races. The segregation into the language groups assisted in the isolation of the necessary genes for the racial differences to occur.

Isn't it interesting how a supernatural God can perform miracles, even if He has to do it naturally? So there is a biblical explanation for the origin of the races - and it is a much more sensible one than chance and time.

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