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May 2008 Issue

Dangerous and Dismaying Trends
May 1st, 2008
Art sadlier

“For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them.” Acts 20: 29-30

Within circles, of evangelical Christianity itself there has arisen in the last few years dangerous and dismaying trends away from true Bible Christianity.

A spirit has been introduced which is surely not the Spirit of Christ, methods employed which are wholly carnal, objectives adopted which have not one line of Scripture to support them, a level of conduct accepted which is practically identical with that of the world – and yet scarcely one voice has been raised in opposition.

And this in spite of the fact that, the Bible honoring followers of Christ lament among themselves the dangerous, wobbly course things are taking …

The times call for a Spirit-baptized and articulate orthodoxy. They whose souls have been illuminated by the Holy Ghost must arise and under God assume leadership. There are those among us whose hearts can discern between the true and the false, whose spiritual sense of smell enables them to detect the spurious afar off who have the blessed gift of knowing. Let such as these arise and be heard. “Lord, may I be one of those whose souls have been illuminated by the Holy Ghost. Grant to me the blessed gift of knowing. And then be pleased to use me for Your glory today. Amen.” A.W. Tozer

What Mr. Tozer saw nearly 50 years ago, is now in full flower. Like the Laodiceans which they are, a large section of the evangelical church has departed from New Testament Christianity, and like the Laodiceans, they are blind to their apostasy.

The situation is critical, Neutral new evangelicalism is everywhere. It is Laodicean new evangelicalism that is about to be spewed out of the Lord’s mouth. There are two evangelical churches in the world today, Philadelphia and Laodicea. Philadelphia is as strong as ever, but it is now only a remnant numerically, its day in the ascendancy is now past, but it is being preserved to be caught up in the rapture.

The other evangelical church in the world today is the last days church of Laodicea; it is flourishing in numbers and in popularity. It is being prepared to be incorporated into the harlot church of Revelation 17.

As you view the Laodicean church of Revelation 3: 14-17, they do not possess salvation, they are about to be spewed out of the Lord’s mouth. More troubling is the fact that they are unaware that they lack salvation. In verse 17, they say, “I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing.” In verse 18, the Lord makes it clear that they are an unsaved church.

Compare these Laodiceans with the people in Matt. 7: 21-23, they also were a last days group who were deceived about salvation.

There is another last days group who were deceived about salvation. They are found in Matt. 25: 1-12, the five foolish virgins who had no oil (no Holy Spirit, no Salvation), yet they thought they were saved.

I believe you can compare the five foolish virgins of Matt. 25 with those of Matt. 7: 21-23 and with Laodicea. I believe they are one and the same people.

Jesus said in Matt. 24 that the greatest sign of His soon coming would be religious deception. I believe it is the major sign, because it was the only sign Jesus repeated (see Mat. 24: 5, 11, 24).

I believe the greatest tragedy of our world today is Laodiceanism, evangelicals who have gone astray and do not realize it. A whole generation of neutral, new evangelicals are about to be spewed out of our Lord’s mouth for departing from God’s plan and purpose for the church and for His people. All the while blind and deceived to their precarious position.

Should we be concerned about Laodiceans who are deceived? Jesus expressed real concern in Matt. 24. People say to me don’t be so radical, don’t rock the boat. Those who speak the truth are not always popular. Jude said, we “should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”

In the first half of the 20th century the major issue was Liberalism in the church. Philadelphia vigorously contended for the faith and the church grew strong and was victorious. The devil knew he was being routed so he shifted gears.

In 1948, new evangelicalism was officially born. A great transition took place in the church of Jesus Christ. As a result the issue since that time has become new evangelicalism. A new evangelical church came on the scene, a church that was fundamentally different from Philadelphia. Neutralism, lukewarmness, dialogue with liberals, ecumenical evangelism, ceasing to contend for the faith, the world’s music, the world’s methods and the world’s lifestyles were all embraced. “Please the world and maybe they will like us and listen to us” is the motto.

Slowly, subtly and unaware, the church was converted and not the world. The world and the church became so similar that the world became comfortable in the church and the church became comfortable in the world.

To fail to call this new evangelicalism Laodicean, to fail to confront and contend with it and to fail to withdraw from it, is to perpetuate the cycle of defeat of the last 50 years.

Jeremiah warned the people of Israel about coming judgment of the Old Testament “Day of the Lord”. I believe we are living in a similar hour as we stand on the threshold of the final, great “Day of the Lord”. Israel said to Jeremiah, don’t get your shirt in a knot, we are the people of God, and God is not going to judge us. Famous last words!

Art Sadlier

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