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“The Pressure is Building”
by Art Sadlier   
March 7th, 2010

Over sixty years ago Israel became a nation, ever since that time the Arab nations have sought to eliminate her.  Israel has gone from crisis to crisis, in three major wars God intervened to preserve Israel from destruction.  

The Arab nations have become frustrated as Israel continued to defeat  them in battle, against all odds.  In their frustration the enemies of Israel have turned to negotiations in an attempt to gain a strategic advantage over her. The idea is to gain control of Gaza, which they have done, and over East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the Golan heights and reduce Israel to a narrow strip which would be indefensible. They also intend to flood what is left of Israel with millions of Palestinian refugees who would be a fifth column, rioting and terrorizing from within, or at the least defeating them at the ballot box. Now the Obama administration is preparing to force Israel to surrender to all of the Arab demands.  They have stated that if either side doesn’t cooperate in the new negotiations the US will punish that one. That one could only be Israel, the terms have already been set by Obama, he has plainly stated that the outcome will be a Palestinian State with the borders as they were in 1967. That would include East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state, Judea,  Samaria, including the Temple Mount.

This would amount to a total surrender by Israel with nothing left for them but to await the final assault which would finish off the Jewish state.

Obama’s punishment of Israel, if they do not cooperate, will be the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state without negotiations with Israel. The fact that the Arab League has enthusiastically endorsed these new terms of negotiations is evidence that Israel has been sold down the river.

These are dark clouds on Israel’s horizonYet there are even darker storm clouds brewing  around Israel.  Israel is hopelessly now ringed about with as many as 40,000 missiles in Hizbulluh’s control. Hamas is also building a stockpile of Missiles. Syria also has missiles with possible biological, chemical or even nuclear warheads. 

Iran is developing cruise missiles with ability to carry heavy payloads that can be delivered anywhere in the mid east.  Iran is closing in on the production of nuclear warheads and long range missiles to match them.  It has just been revealed that they are nearing the completion of a launching pad for long range missiles. If Pakistan and North Korea can develop nuclear weapons then certainly Iran has the capacity to do the same.

Another dark cloud on the horizon is a possible shift in the balance of power in the mid east.  Syria and Iran are proposing a new economic zone for the mid east. The problem is that the western powers are failing to contain Iran. Trade sanctions are not working and seem highly unlikely to be implemented in an effective way.  The unwillingness to take military action against Iran is also contributing to Iran’s growing stature among the mid east countries. The Arab nations that fear Iran may decide that it is in their best interests to reconcile with Iran.  We may reach the tipping point when there will be a rush to get on Iran’s bandwagon, rather than be left behind.

In spite of all of these foreboding circumstances, the God of Israel is able to deliver her out of the lion’s mouth. Herein is  the greatest threat to Israel! The danger that the leaders of Israel will disobey the command of God and allow the promised  land to be divided, and that their faith will fail as it did at Kadesh Barnea 3,400 years ago! That failure brought the judgment of God down upon their heads. Israel will not escape God's judgment for the same sin of unbelief in the present circumstances.

The pressure is building, we are obviously heading to a climax, a climax that has been building for some time now.  I suggest that when the lid blows the end time scenario could unfold very rapidly.

The Trumpet is soon to sound, and the church translated to be with Christ.  Are you ready?

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