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by E.Kalteck   
October 4th, 2014

Cessationism - What is it? 

There are three time frames in the past when we see miracles:  the time of Moses, the time of Elijah and Elisha, and the time of Christ and His apostles.  In the future according to the book of Joel there will again be miracles as God once again deals with Israel.  For now, God has spoken to us by His Son, in His written Word.
Men like Harry Ironside, Theodore Epp, J Vernon McGee, Lehman Strauss, John Walvoord, to name but a few, taught that the apostolic gifts had ceased.  These Bible teachers did much to keep the church on an even keel.  
A dangerous element of Pentecostalism is the draw towards others who experience the 'gifts' (shamans, cults and isms, charismatic Catholics, Muslims, new agers, many people who have nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever, experience  similar visions, dreams, tongues, prophecies, miracles);  thus the Pentecostal/charismatic movement has become a bridge to bring people together of all faiths, into the ill-fated end time worldwide false church.
Another grave concern is that dreams, visions, 'hearing from God' as in audible voices, becomes more desirable for many, than studying Scripture.  So truth becomes lost, and they no longer have God's written Word as their standard.  Experience can be deceptive.  Satan comes as an angel of light.  We had better be armed with the facts on this topic, for it will come into force more powerfully as the days go by.  Deception is what Christ warned most about regarding the last days.
For easy access to a primer on the subject, you may like to start with this -

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