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“The Seventh Commandment”
by Ian C. Kurylyk   
April 2nd, 2013

 “Thou shalt not commit adultery” (Exodus 20:14).

We can study this commandment like other ones by first identifying a fact of God’s nature that it involves and then go on to consider the significance to mankind. God is faithful and therefore requires it of the creatures He made in His image.

Faithfulness is a fundamental attribute of the God of the Bible. Satan first drove a wedge between mankind and the Creator when he slandered God’s faithfulness in the Garden of Eden. Ever since then sinfulness and hard suspicious thoughts toward God have been a package deal for members of the human race.

But still God has been faithful to us. His faithfulness has led Him to provide us a way of escape from sin and its curse, even at great personal cost to Himself. He has not abandoned man because of his rebellion. The Lord was faithful unto death. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of God’s love and His trustworthiness.

Distrust and disobedience by Adam in paradise was the way sin entered the world. The coming of God’s Son into the world to suffer and die for our sins was the ultimate act of good faith. Through this the resurrected Saviour is challenging sinful men to turn from sin and distrust and come back to God. He is calling on each individual to accept the Lord personally which means renouncing sin and repenting of distrust and accepting the gift of salvation provided through Jesus Christ. It is all-important to realize God’s faithfulness to us. The challenge is what will we do with it?

God has also ordained that faithfulness would lie at the base of human relationships. He is the Author of the home, and He has planned for procreation to take place in an environment of love and stability sustained by faithfulness. Society suffers greatly when God’s hedge of safety is broken down in the pursuit of pleasure without responsibility. Experiments in new morality have long reaching consequences often realized when the damage is too late to repair.

Every traditional marriage ceremony reminds us of the fact that God has planned life on earth to contain patterns of heavenly things for our blessing. The union of a man and a woman in marriage is a picture of the relationship God has with His people in a spiritual sense. When people become part of the spiritual bride of Christ by faith they enter into a relationship of love, eternal security, joy, and happiness. There are shadows of these things in earthly marriage as the couple enter into God’s patterns of marriage blessing.

When people depart from God in sin and take up with idols it is unfaithfulness to Him and brings ruin. When people are unfaithful in marriage a corresponding measure of sorrow and ruin comes to all involved. Like all the commandments, the scope is broad as a comparison of other scriptures makes clear. The sexual sin of adultery stands at the head of a number of deviations from the plan of God that are all violations of the seventh commandment.

Three facts of sexuality are clearly taught in the Bible that makes it clear that God intended it only for use within the marriage bonds.

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