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“The Call of Abraham”
by Art Sadlier   
September 17th, 2020

God directed Abraham to go down into the land of Canaan and promised him that He would give that land to him and his seed forever.

Abraham built four altars when he came into the land:

  • Altar 1 Schechem (Nablus to the Arabs) Genesis 12: 6,7. God made a covenant with Abraham at Schechem, an irrevocable promise that the land was given to Abraham and his seed (The Jews) forever.
  • Altar 2 Bethem (Ramallah to the Arabs) Genesis 12:8, Reaffirmed to Jacob Genesis 28:10-14.
  • Altar 3 Hebron, Genesis 13:14-18
  • Altar 4 Jerusalem Genesis 22:9, 15-18 (Moriah vs 2)

These four sites are a chain of God’s Covenants that bind Israel to God, and to the land. Yet, today, in each of these four sites the so-called Palestinians (actually Edomites) have claimed these lands as their own and have rejected any Jewish rights. It is a blantant attempt to separate Israel from the Covenants God made with them.

Yet God is not taken by surprise 2600 years ago, God said this would happen (Ezekiel 36:5). What an exact description of what is happening today. They claim land to which they have no claim. There has never been a Palestinian (Arab) state on that land (Ezekiel 36:2). The High Places of the altars of Schechem, Bethel, The Temple Mount (Moriah) and Hebron are the very places where the Palestinians are most ferociously and viciously asserting total control. They have utterly destroyed all evidence of Jewish presence on these sites. Someday, perhaps soon, the fire of God’s jealously and wrath will remove the usurpers and restore to Israel their promised inheritance.

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