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“Unbelief and disobedience”
by Art Sadlier   
August 27th, 2007

Down over the long centuries, Israel's primary problem has been disobedience and unbelief, for which they have endured the chastening of God. It appears that the unbelief of Israel is now coming to a climax, the final act of disobedience that will bring down the final great chastening of God upon them. (see Zech. 13:8)

Following the final chastening will come restoration and an end to Israel's unbelief and disobedience forever. (see Zech. 13:9)

Nearly 3500 years ago Israel demonstrated unbelief at Kadesh-Barnea. The Lord said, "Go into the promised land and I will give it to you. Just trust Me and obey Me." Ten of Israel's leaders said, "No, we can't trust the Word of God, we can't trust God's promises."

Instead of trusting God and obeying Him, they refused to go into the land and turned away from God's Promise. The result was God's severe chastening. Every Jewish person twenty years and older died in the wilderness, before the next generation obeyed God and entered the land by faith.

Now today, 3500 years later, Israel is repeating the very mistake they made so long ago.

In 1947, God began to give Israel the Promised Land and began bringing them back to the land. In the war of 1967, Israel was vastly outnumbered, and with much inferior weaponry. Yet in one of the most amazing wars in all of history, God gave back to Israel, in six days, the whole land of Israel!

That is the point at which Israel's unbelief began to take over. The very next day they gave the Temple Mount back to Jordan. Since then, in disobedience, they have given the Sinai back to Egypt, then the Gaza back to the Palestinians. Now, they are preparing to give up the Golan Heights, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

These are acts of unbelief! God has promised them the land, but they refuse to believe God, fearing their enemies instead. It is a repeat of Kadesh-Barnea. Just as at Kadesh-Barnea, it is the leaders of Israel who lead the people in unbelief and disobedience.

On August 10th, a group of hundreds of prominent Jewish Rabbis issued a statement calling Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's recent actions "Anti-Jewish" and "Hostile to Judaism". They were referring to a series of moves in which the Prime Minister directed his security forces to bulldoze a synagogue near Judaism's third holiest site, and in another action removed two Jewish families from a Hebron Jewish Market.

The Rabbinacal Congress for Peace, a coalition of more than 350 Israeli rabbinical Leaders issued the following statement: "Olmert's actions are Anti-Jewish and hostile to Judaism, in spite of the fact that he speaks Hebrew, and dwells in the Land of the Patriarchs".

The rabbis commented that there are three places in Israel that no-one can contest its legal Jewish ownership, because the Bible clearly records the sale and purchase of these places by Jews.

The three places are: ONE - The cave of the patriarchs, see Gen.23:16-18. TWO - Joseph's Tomb, see Gen.33:19. THREE - The Temple Mount, see 1 Chron. 21:25,26.

The rabbis added, "How ironic and painful it is, that precisely these three places that the nations of the world never thought of wresting from Jews, the Jews by their own volition give up and say, "it belongs to the Arabs".

God has revealed, in His Word, that He has a purpose and a plan to drive unbelief from Israeli hearts forever. that plan of God is now beginning to unfold, it will take seven years to complete it!

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