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“A Volatile World”
by Art Sadlier   
July 30th, 2007

When Jesus described the Last Days, He described a volatile world. He said, "Ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars", that is a volatile world.

Today, we live in a very volatile world, Pakistan is an example of that.

Pakistan has an arsenault of about 40 nuclear weapons, it is the only Islamic Nation that has these weapons.

Pakistan is today a cauldron of unrest, President Musharraf is falling into disfavor with many of the people of Pakistan. Islamic militants are growing in determination to depose Musharraf. There have been a number of attempts to assassinate him. We could wake up some morning and find Pakistan in the grip of Islamic Militants. The battle for Afghanistan would be lost, war with India a threat. The spread of nuclear bombs to the Islamic world would be likely. The world's worst nightmares would become a reality.

The shades of night are falling on our world.

In the midst of the growing darkness the biblical endtime scenario continues to unfold.

One example of this endtime scenario is the fact that on July 15th a four-day International Conference of the descendents of the biblical figure, Aaron, the Priestly Tribe (Kohanim) and the whole tribe of Levi of which the Kohanim are a part, was held. This is the first such Family Reunion in 2,000 years.

For another example I'll quote a paragraph off the News wire and let it speak for itself.

'Surveillance society'

"We're really on the verge of creating a surveillance society in America, where every movement, every action - some would even claim, our very thoughts - will be tracked, monitored, recorded and correlated," says Barry Steinhardt, Director of the Technology and Liberty Program at the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, D.C."

2013 update: The above mentioned surveillance society is now complete and operational.

We are living in a world that is like a powder keg! The whole endtime scenario could be brought about in a matter of hours. As the days darken all around us we see the light of God's Prophetic Word shining brighter and brighter. LISTEN UP! THE TRUMPET IS SOON TO SOUND!

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