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“The European Union”
by Art Sadlier   
June 22nd, 2008

Their has been a lot of activity in the E.U. of late. Their is a steady drum beat of preparation for the role that the Revived Roman Empire will play in the biblical end time scenario.

The Irish seemed to have scuttled the new E.U. treaty, however it is now obvious that a way will be found to circumvent the Irish vote. Britain has this week ratified the new treaty, the 19th. country to do so.

In another move toward the preparation for the prophetic scenario, the E.U. agreed last Monday to upgrade ties with Israel, a statement was issued that said, "The European Union is determined to develop a closer partnership with Israel." The statement went on to say that the process should take place in the context of a resolution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, that would be a lead in to the peace treaty of Daniel 9:17, which is signed by a Roman ruler.

In a similar manner, Nicolas Sarkozy of France said that France will confront those who call for the destruction of Israel, the forunner of the protection the leader of the R.R.E. will promise.

In another development, Sarkozy called for a European Union Naval fleet, asking Britain to contribute an aircraft carrier and Germany to contribute some frigates.

Few people realize that if the armies of the 27 countries of the E.U. were placed under one central command, it would be one the world's largest armies.

Mr. Sarkozy is to assume the temporary presidency of the E.U. in July, with his aggressive style, he will continue the process of the development of the Revived Roman Empire.

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