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“Israel now Isolated”
by Art Sadlier   
September 29th, 2013

In early September it seemed that the US was about to bomb Syria and put limitations on the alliance of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. It seemed the pressure on Israel would be greatly reduced.

In a dramatic and unexpected shift Obama has reversed his policy and is seeking reconciliation with Iran. This flip flop by Obama has caught Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States by surprise. Their first reaction has been to seek an alliance with Israel against Iran.

However, those who are closely associated with the Saudi’s believe that the Saudi’s and the Gulf States will seek an accommodation with Iran. The end result will be Israel standing absolutely alone in the Mideast and in the rest of the world.

To add to this new isolation we have the snowball that is rolling over Israel with regard to the negotiations with the Palestinians. The Americans have committed to the Palestinians that they will get everything they are asking Israel for. The handwriting is on the wall, if the Palestinians do not get everything they want they will return to the UN for an arbitrary endorsement of their demands. This will in all probability result in sanctions against Israel and possibly military action.

The Palestinians are demanding total control of the West Bank with the expulsion of all Jews. They are demanding East Jerusalem; they are also demanding the right of up to eight million Palestinian refugees to return to Israel proper. This would enable them to conquer Israel at the ballot box.

From the perspective of Obama, the UN, Europe, the Arabs and the rest of the world, the modern state of Israel is doomed.

One of the troubling factors is the seeming resignation of many of Israel’s leaders to submit to the pressure that is upon them.

Monumental changes are taking place in the Mideast. The US and Russia have come together to eliminate the chemical weapons in Syria. The move for reconciliation in Syria has begun. Hezbollah has begun to pull their forces out of Syria at Iran’s request in order to strengthen their position in Lebanon. Iran is celebrating their victory in Syria and in the consolidation of the axis of Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Iran has had the nod from Obama to obtain nuclear weapons.

I remind you that in all of this Israel is standing alone for the first time in her modern history

Let us remind ourselves that the last chapter in the story has not yet been revealed. You can read about it in the prophetic scriptures.

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